Graebert iSurvey

Trust Graebert iSurvey to provide the software and services to meet your
unique building surveying demands

For over 30 years, local and multinational companies and governments around the world have turned to Graebert for their building surveying projects.

Professional building surveying with sophisticated data collection
Up-to-date as-built 2D and 3D digital floor plans
Fully compatible 3D as-built BIM building models
Accurate area/space calculations
Renovations & extensions
Facility Management
Condition Inspections
Disability access
Fire, Life & Health
360-degree photography
Software Customisation
and more…

Graebert iSurvey can manage surveying jobs of any size or scope - from a single building to multinational company and government portfolio projects. Our experienced surveyors, project managers, and photographers will closely control every aspect of the project from start to finish, so you can rely on us as your partner.

Whatever the requirements might be to fulfil your survey demands - Graebert iSurvey will become part of your team. Our transparent approach will bring project skills coupled with the power of SiteMaster to ensure a flexibility that will satisfy your business needs.

If you need to inspect building plans for accuracy, we can create cost-effective as-built plans and quickly check variations and compare existing plans on site.

Clients we have worked with in the past:


SiteMaster solutions can be customized according to the specific specification requirements of each project. We can develop and customize an optimized mobile surveying solution for your project or organization - ultimately shortening the data collection process and creating more powerful and effective tools.


Graebert iSurvey can provide extensive training and hands-on education. Our surveying process has been designed and developed that enables inexperienced users to turn into competent building surveyors and data collectors in a very short period of time.

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