SiteMaster Kitchen

The innovative kitchen surveying software

Measure or check Kitchen Plans

The surveyor can immediately read the kitchen plan on site and modify the design to the accurate measured geometry. Kitchen studios and home retailers can so increases the quality and save time planning a kitchen.

If you have no existing plan, just create a new plan with the easy-to-use measurement tools. The measurements are transmitted directly from the laser on to the drawing - without pen and paper.

Work more efficient and productive - with higher quality results SiteMaster Kitchen enables kitchen surveyors to work completely paperless. Plans are no longer required to be picked-up or returned. Kitchen plans can be emailed or shared via cloud storage back-and-forth between the kitchen designer and surveyor.

Simplified for an Optimised Experience

Simplified and dedicated toolbars enable an easy to learn process and ensure a quick and accurate work flow.

Professionell CAD-Drawings

With extensive file formats, such as .EGI, .DWG, or DXF, you can exchange data with all CAD systems available on the market and ensure compatible processing.