SiteMaster Elevation

Photogrammetric Picture Processing
Easy. Fast. Precise.

Bring real-life data to your drawings

SiteMaster Elevation allows everyone to use the advantages of photogrammetric procedures to determine detailed measurements from freehand digital photographs or scanned images.

Comfortable 2D and 3D drawing functions to create:

Drawing views and damage mapping
3D components for the graphic quantity determination on scanned plans
Planning and visualization of solar modules with a comprehensive module library

For a variety of different users

The software is a very precise procedure to determine dimensions of digital photos, establishing the dimensional reference using one or two known lengths, correcting perspectives and image defects caused by the lens.

Import of PDF files

In addition to a high amount of image formats SiteMaster Elevation 2013 can directly import PDF files now. During this process the PDF data are automatically converted into images and processed.