SiteMaster Building

The mobile solution for professional Building Surveys
The professional tool for creating precise building surveys in the real world on the go.

It is designed for professionals who need to measure quickly and a high number of square meters with varying wall thickness. With this easy-to-use building surveying solution, professional can measure and get calculations on-site with a near finished 2D drawing.

Natively supporting all DWG formats

No export/import required, so you never worry about drawing format issues again.

All CAD features you will need

SiteMaster Building is now powered by Graebert’s ARES® CAD engine for enhanced performance and CAD functionalities. Take advantage of the full-featured ARES CAD functionalities with over 500 commands including PDF Import & Export.

Fast, Accurate & Mobile

Compatible with the latest Windows operating system, SiteMaster can be used on Windows Tablets, laptops and PC’s. SiteMaster works with the latest Leica enabled Bluetooth 4.0 Laser Distos, such as the D810, for the most accurate and fastest measurements.

Easy to use

SiteMaster Building is a mobile surveying solutions can be used by professional surveyors and non-CAD professionals alike. Nothing to learn if you already know SiteMaster or CAD. Just try and see: You will find a similar interface and can use the same commands and aliases.


Walk off site with a finished set of floor plans which includes all your notations, photographs and data collected whilst onsite, accurately and without errors! All notes, photographs and documents can be imported directly into the SiteMaster drawing so there is no need anymore to make hand written notes and hand drawn sketches on site.

SiteMaster BuildingTS

Full-featured SiteMaster Building with added Totalstation functionality.

The combination of Distancemeters and Totalstations in SiteMaster BuildingTS optimises the working process when doing large building surveys. Survey for example the outside surface and the complicated inside of a building with a Totalstation and complement the digital floor plan with a Distancemeter on-site. Any errors shown allows you the opportunity to make corrections there and then.

SiteMaster BuildingTS o ers additional features:

Collection and input of new positions
Survey of walls and symbols with a Totalstation
Import and Export of standpoint coordinates through ASCII-Files
Traverse survey with correction of inserted symbols