SiteMaster BIM

Incorporate BIM into your surveying projects and increase data transparency with SiteMaster BIM.

SiteMaster BIM allows professionals to survey and create accurate IFC object structures for BIM projects, eliminating tracing and modelling work at the office.

3D Model and 2D Elevations

Easily survey and present 3D models with accurate walls, openings and objects. Save time and create elevations from the model.

Intelligent Objects

Now walls, openings and symbols are handled as easy edible objects and no longer as 2D lines. Change the properties of any object such as door opening direction, width, shape, etc. instantly.

Work smarter and more mobile

SiteMaster BIM is the cost-effective alternative compared to other more expensive BIM solutions. No need for expensive and heavy hardware or time consuming data processing, only measure what you need with no interruption of the daily building operations.

Reports & Schedules

SiteMaster BIM captures geometries, object properties and calculated areas, schedules, photos, etc. – all in one DWG file. Produce and export any areas, volumes or schedules of any objects, walls, doors, windows, rooms, etc, directly on site.

Tag Configurator & FM solution

Flexible configuration to collect any information you require for any building element, when you need it - while on site.

Native IFC Export

Export IFC files to create BIM models with your building design software, such as REVIT® or ArchiCAD®.

Applying BIM to existing buildings makes SiteMaster the preferred first step in a reversed BIM workflow for producing ‘as-built’ drawings in IFC format.